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Note! touchcal moved to SourceForge!

Available old versions:

touchcal-0.3Daniel DrakeElo init code download
touchcal-0.23Andreas Strickerbug fixes, README updated download
touchcal-0.22Andreas Strickersupport curses, allow more than 80x25 characters, use autoconf download
touchcal-0.21Anton de Wetchanged output format for XFree86-4 download
touchcal-0.2Frank Hintschsome cosmeticdownload
touchcal-0.1Christoph Baumanninitial release download

Jan-Benedict Glaw contributed a completely new tools to calibrate MuTouch devices (calibrate-sp300-2.tar.gz).

Author: Christoph Baumann, chris{at}
Last change: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 22:47:34